Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Birthday Treat at Cabalen

I had my post-birthday celebration cum triple date with my friends and our better halves last 26 November. We met in Festival Supermall and started the day by eating in Cabalen. We love the wide range of food they offer. For only 298 pesos, you can enjoy their specialties like Beringhe, Bulalo, Kare-Kare, Caldereta Baka, Gata Kuhol, Dinuguan, Bulalo, Inihaw Na Hito w/ Buro Hipon, Cabalen Sisig, Camaru, Sampelot & Tibok-Tibok. I personally love their Calderetang Baka (because of its tender meat) and sisig (though it looks dry, the taste of liver and the spiciness took me away). Eating halo-halo as a desert completed our lunch buffet. I think they also offer eat-all-you-can merienda, I am just not sure about the price.

Here's our picture when choosing what food to eat

Of course in between eating, we also find time to pose for a picture. We are all couple except for Allen and Jhen who are happily single (according to them..hehe)

After the sumptuous meal, we headed to Alabang Town Center to watch New Moon (I will be posting another blog for it). We also took pictures in the parking lot, wlang patawad..hihi!

I really enjoy my birthday celebration, spending the day pigging out in Cabalen, non-stop talking, drastic laughing and watching movie is sure a great way to remove stress. Yes, how can I forget to acknowledge their gifts, thanks Maan, Roy and Allen for the Twilight Saga books..I so lurv it!, promise I will lend it to you guys as soon as I am through reading it (which I don't know when..wink!), as for Jhen the earrings were lovely, next time necklace naman. Haha!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thumbs Up!

Since Icy does not enjoy her yogurt, I just bought her ice cream from Thumbs Up. Icy has this addiction with ice cream but maybe because of the tiny appearance she has second thought of eating it.

Here she is just staring at the ice cream

I told her "Icy you eat na the ice cream", she answered "mamaya na mama". Okay, so I waited kung kelan nya gusto kainin, aba, I notice its melting na pero she's not eating it pa din. "Icccy kainin mo na!", I demanded. It turns out ayaw pla nya kya ako na lng ang kumain, masarap din nman. hihihi..

Yogurt at White Hat

Yesterday, me, Maan and Jhen together with my daughter accompany our friend Allen to Alabang Town Center, he buy a Sony Digital Camera (thanks Allen for the citi reward points and make sure to bring your digicam when we watch New Moon ha. hehe..). I arrive late and just followed them at Pho Hoa Restaurant where they are having lunch. After eating we decided to give yogurt a try, that was our first White Hat experience, i love it, you can eat guilt-free if you are on a diet. Their place is small but cozy, it has a nice lighting kaya sarap magpicture

Here's Maan and Jhen while waiting for our order

Allen with my daughter Icy

I so want to order the Bakers Hat, the toppings are so tempting but instead I order the Clown Hat because my daughter wants the M&M chocolates, she thought it was ice cream and dislikes it when she tasted that its sour. She just finished the marshmallows and chocolate toppings instead. Maan and Allen ordered the Cowboy Hat while Jhen feasted on her Top Hat.

Jhen the yogurt queen and Maan, ang payat na diet conscious.

3+1 Combo Price: 120 regular and 150 large

The only boo boo is that my daughter wants to be carried all the time, and she was heavy. Overall, we had a great time yesterday, it was really nice bonding with your favourite friends.

Just One More Day...

We will be watching New Moon tomorrow, can't hardly wait. Friends are telling me that its 'bitin' daw, well what can you expect eh second novel pa lang yan. In Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, we will see more, hayy romantic moments between Bella and Edward.

photo grabbed from Dzoi

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yap, its my 24th birthday today. Nothing special to do since I will be celebrating it with my friends next week pa. I just spent the whole day playing with the greatest gift I receive, my daughter. Medyo sad lang since my husband is at work, di nkapag leave, but he promised me that next year he will file it early para wala shang pasok sa birthday ko. I want to thank the good Lord above for showering me with so much blessing and love. The 24 years of my life was well spent with the ones I love. As I'm getting older, I know that I must focus on the most important things and neglect negative feelings and vibes. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trick or Treat 2009

I know it super late but I still want to post my daughter's Trick or Treat experience last 30 Oct. Our company holds an annual Halloween Trick or Treat and it was Icy's second time attending. She was just a year old last year kaya prang di pa nya maxadong na-enjoy, this year was really different. She keeps on dancing on whatever tune she hears, and even volunteered when the host asked who wants to dance on the stage. I hesitated to allow her at first because knowing her, baka biglang umayaw and umiyak sa gitna. She proved me wrong, my princess participated and even won. I can say that she really had a blast. One proud mama talaga ko. At least wala shang stage fright, manang mana sakin. We attended together with my youngest sister, Yvette.

My cute tabachingching balyena err mermaid pala

The Mermaid, the black lady and the clown

With her equally pasaway na Tita Yvette

Last picture before going home, we really had fun and I'm looking forward in attending again next year!

Blogging here I come...

I am so giddy happy, now that we have a computer and internet connection at home, I can blog, browse, tweet, chat, play and search all day long (if my daughter and hubby won't intervene. haha!) My husband is wondering nga if I'm not getting tired of going on-line kasi the nature of my job includes 100% researching on the internet for 8 hours. I told him iba nman yun, I can't play Farmville nor write a blog there, naka websense..unless gusto kong matanggal sa work. hehe..Grabe super tagal kong hinintay na makabili kmi ng PC, but now the waiting is over, my love-love PC is here and even my baby is happy. Ang malungkot lang ung pocket ko. hihihi. Honestly I'm broke na, ubos ang savings, deplated talaga!! I'm just telling myself na it's okay kikitain ko din ulit un. Here's the picture of my new baby, isn't it so gorgeous?? Yes, it's just a computer and it's not like those PC na sobrang expensive, my PC is only 21K but I am proud dahil it's from my own earnings. Promise di ako nanghingi sa hubby ko! I'll be back..maghaharvest muna ko sa Farmville.