Monday, April 5, 2010

Laiya, Batangas Getaway

I finally convinced my blogger-side to write and post about our Batangas trip last March 28. Never been this lazy before, hormones maybe? whatevs...
Read on:

It was my dear friend Che's birthday and we planned it one month ahead (for we need to fix, swap and literally beg for us to have the same schedule). I think 25 people including the celebrant's family joined the event. Che shouldered the transportation and food, we only chip in for the cottage. Of course my husband and daughter tag along. We rode with Maan and Roy because we want to arrive in Laiya early to score cheap deal, gladly we did, thanks to Maan's convincing powers! Ha! Marta's Haven beach resort offered such a great deal.

We arrived at the resort around 1pm and ate our packed-lunch. We feasted on Letson Manok, binalot sa dahon and mangoes. Rest for a while and we headed to the beach, my daughter is getting cranky already because of the 3 hours drive so I let her swim immediately after eating. Just look at the early birds..

The rest of the group arrived at 4pm already, I pity them because they left at 9am in Sta. Rosa, that was a shocking 7 hours drive to Batangas pero it seems like sa Bicol na sila pumunta..whew! Naligaw sila and they did not use the Star Tollway, that's why. Picturan agad pagdating nila...

me with the birthday girl

Of course we never missed to do the ever famous jumping shot
even my daughter tried it pero I think masyado pa shang baby...hihih!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's confirmed!

I am 3 weeks pregnant. That explains my unusual cravings, mood swings and excessive sleepiness. Call it intuition but since day one after my missed period, I already know that there is something going on na inside my tummy. I've had my first test last 19 March, result: NEGATIVE. Di pa rin ako mapakali since di pa dumadating yung period ko. Today, me and hubby went to Alabang Medical Center to confirm the good news and the result is POSITIVE. Yes, we were surprised but happy as well for the new addition to our family. I wish good health for me and the new baby.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

To the man of my life....

 I cannot tell how happy I am na ikaw ang asawa ko, you are the most loving, sweet, responsible, caring, coolest and kindest man for me and Icy. We are the total opposite but you keep on loving as if we are one. You are there on my struggles and never fail to brighten up my days. Mainit na ulo ko about something but you are always showing me that there is more to be happy about that I am thinking how you did manage to keep your cool when I am all flaring up?? Maikli ba tlga pasensya ko  o magaling ka lng humawak ng sitwasyon? You and Icy are my balancer, without both of you, di yata ako aandar. I LOVE YOU turned my life into a meaningful one.

"Happy Birthday my dearest and sweetest, not a day goes by when I do not think of you and how empty my life would be if you were not here"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Icy.....

 at 2 years & 7 months old

my very active toddler that will be turning 3 y.o this June. We name her Iris Christine "Icy" Entila, an anagram of me and her daddy's name. She's such a sweet little girl, always showering me with "i love you mommy" and a lot of kisses.



She started talking at an early age, 9 months I think, her first words were dede and daddy. As of now she is so madaldal na, everywhere we go lgi shang nasasabihan ng "matatas daw". At age one she can sing na "Bahay-Kubo" and "ABC". She is a picky-eater and only likes vegetables. Ayaw ng pork, chicken or fish, I am thinking of ways to make her eat meat, any suggestions? It will be a great help since I'm a new mommy.

My daughter is fond of watching TV (her favourite channel is Nickelodeon and Nick TV 5), always tutok pag ang palabas are Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Mr. Bean, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Spongebob Squarepants, The Wanderings of San Mao and Hi-5. Would you believe na lahat yan pinapanood nya? As in araw-araw! Bago namin mailipat ang channel sandamakmak na iyak muna ang bubunuin namin, in short sha lng ang nakakanood ng TV dito kya di na ko updated sa mga current events. Ayaw nya din mag-isa lng sha manood kasi she has lots of question at kailangan nya ng isang adult para sumagot sa libo-libo nyang tanong. Hinahayaan lng namin because we can see that she is learning naman, and we are there to guide her.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Icy had her first movie experience last January 21 in Festival mall. She was ecstatic when I told her na we are watching. She doesn't know the movie at first and keep asking me what the movie is about. I never told her para nga surprise, aba when I point out the picture outside the mall, she immediately told me "ah ayun ba mommy, eh yung kumakantang daga un sa TV eh" (yeah she already watch the prequel pala on the Disney channel).

 with daddy going inside the cinema

Eto na po ung tiket! She was holding it. Diba magkakadikit eh napahiwalay nya ung isa ayun namromblema ang toddler ko telling me "mommy napunit ko, pano to (teary eyed pa!)". Natawa ko, she thought void na un kasi magkakahiwalay na. hehe..naaliw ako. Sabi ko okei lng un.

Of course pose muna with the characters, match colour nmin ni Icy with Alvin and Theodore noh?

Ayun ntapos nmin ang movie while munching hamburger and french fries. After the movie, as usual kelangan ni Icy sumakay ng rides, you can't leave the mall without doing that. Sumakay nman sha pero I think 4 na rides lng kasi may pasok pa ko kinagabihan kaya we're in a hurry. Eto ang eksenadorang anak ko nabitin sa pag rirides.

mega kapit sa may bakal dahil ayaw pa umuwi


at mas madami pang waaahhhh!
I told her daddy to just carry her

Ayun nkakaawa kasi hanggang bahay naiyak sha, even begging me to return to festival. I forgot na why she stopped crying, pero at least nka-move on di ba?

Happy Birthday mama!

I've been quite busy, no post for a month. Babawi na lng ako. Let's start with my mothers 41st birthday celebration last January  24. Take a look at the food she prepared. It was all yummy that me and my siblings pig out the entire night.


 We had chicken curry, chopsuey, spaghetti, fruit salad, white forest cake and adobong atay. Ung cake sandali ko lang nakita, ubos agad!

The kids playing "pusoy" daw. Those card keeps them from bugging us.

We sing our heart out from afternoon until 3 in the morning. Paunahang mapaos. That's my sister Cheenee with my cousin Justine. 
Here's my mom with my younger sister Yvette.

Happy birthday ma! There's a lot of things that I want to thank you for na I think aabutin ako ng kinabukasan if I will tell it all. You have been a great mother to us, apat kami pero I never felt na may favourite ka samin. You love all of us equally. We are not rich but I saw how you did your best na mapaaral at mapagtapos kami. I appreciate lahat ng struggles mo and now that I have my own kid to raise, you are my inspiration. I want to be like you, strong yet loving. I love you mama!