Monday, February 15, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2

Icy had her first movie experience last January 21 in Festival mall. She was ecstatic when I told her na we are watching. She doesn't know the movie at first and keep asking me what the movie is about. I never told her para nga surprise, aba when I point out the picture outside the mall, she immediately told me "ah ayun ba mommy, eh yung kumakantang daga un sa TV eh" (yeah she already watch the prequel pala on the Disney channel).

 with daddy going inside the cinema

Eto na po ung tiket! She was holding it. Diba magkakadikit eh napahiwalay nya ung isa ayun namromblema ang toddler ko telling me "mommy napunit ko, pano to (teary eyed pa!)". Natawa ko, she thought void na un kasi magkakahiwalay na. hehe..naaliw ako. Sabi ko okei lng un.

Of course pose muna with the characters, match colour nmin ni Icy with Alvin and Theodore noh?

Ayun ntapos nmin ang movie while munching hamburger and french fries. After the movie, as usual kelangan ni Icy sumakay ng rides, you can't leave the mall without doing that. Sumakay nman sha pero I think 4 na rides lng kasi may pasok pa ko kinagabihan kaya we're in a hurry. Eto ang eksenadorang anak ko nabitin sa pag rirides.

mega kapit sa may bakal dahil ayaw pa umuwi


at mas madami pang waaahhhh!
I told her daddy to just carry her

Ayun nkakaawa kasi hanggang bahay naiyak sha, even begging me to return to festival. I forgot na why she stopped crying, pero at least nka-move on di ba?

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